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Alphabetics @ Amón Solar

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As the end of 2019 approaches, notorious Costa Rican dance-punk band Alphabetics announced its highly anticipated reunion. Amón Solar, with its loyal fanbase of art and music enthusiasts, is the perfect venue for the event. The night would feature two opening acts and hold the very first art exhibition by PLURAL magazine. CARAVANA, the planner behind this party, invited me to design a poster and some imagery to promote the event.

I approached the work with a playful treatment to match the band’s spontaneous and energetic vibe. I also incorporated an analog twist; I had a great time using markers, pens and my printer for the typesetting process. The final piece had to be suitable for many formats, as it would be printed and distributed around social media and the ticket store.

The night of the event, both long-time fans and indie music enthusiasts showed up to celebrate. The artists even extended the night for quite a bit as everyone was having a great time.

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