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36 Days of Type

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A couple of years ago, 36 Days of Type started as a project by Catalan designers Nina Sans and Rafa Goicoechea as a challenge to stay creative every day. It consists of 36 days of uninterrupted creativity in which participants design and post their take on the 26 letters of the alphabet and ten numerals (0–9). Today, artists and creators alike join the challenge each year to showcase their perspective and particular abilities.

In 2019 I showed up to the challenge for the first time. Through the course of the project, I embraced geometry as a motif in my lettering. I wanted my entries to look different from one another while being derived from relatively simple grids.

I had lots of fun completing the project as I explored different ideas every day. I find intriguing how simple forms can be shaped in such an unlimited amount of ways. And it even helped me kickstart my Instagram account!

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